Call for Chapter Proposals – Heidegger and Music

Edited by Joshua Spier (Flinders University)

I am inviting chapter proposals for a proposed book with the working title Heidegger and Music, for submission to Rowman & Littlefield International as part of the New Heidegger Research series, edited by Gregory Fried and Richard Polt.

I am seeking chapters by philosophers, musicians, music educators, and other researchers who draw on Heidegger’s thought.

Although Heidegger himself had frustratingly little to say about music directly (apart from passing comments on Wagner, Stravinsky and Mozart), the goal of this volume is to show how, with a little creativity and imagination, the full scope of Heidegger’s thought can address contemporary musical issues and challenges.

While all proposals pitching an original Heideggerian perspective on some aspect of music are welcome, priority will be given to proposals which appropriate Heidegger’s ideas to address fundamental questions concerning our changing ontological-experiential relationship with music in the digital age.

Current status of proposal: I am in discussion with the editors of the New Heidegger Research series, and I will send the book proposal to them for review after reviewing proposals and shaping the structure of the book.

Email your proposals to by 10 March 2019. Proposals should be approximately 1 page, including chapter title, abstract (1-2 paragraphs), proposed word count (typically 5,000-8,000 words), and short bio.

Full draft chapters due: November 2019 (TBC)

*Please distribute this call among your interested colleagues.

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