‘The lived experience of undertaking research higher degrees while living with a disability’

Collaborators: Kris Natalier, Lorna Hallahan, Tova Rozengarten

Funding: School of Social & Policy Studies, Flinders University

This pilot study at Flinders University aims to identify practices that support the research education and wellbeing of research higher degree (RHD) students who live with a disability or health condition. To develop a better understanding of RHD students’ lived experiences, qualitative data was generated by asking each participant to write about their personal experiences before taking taking part in an unstructured, in-depth interview. The research team are currently undertaking collaborative qualitative analysis, allowing the data to be viewed across multiple theoretical perspectives. A preliminary finding is emerging from the perspective of ‘crip time’ (Kafer, Price and others), illuminating how participants, through the lifespan of their research projects, seem to develop flexible ways of negotiating the normative-institutional timeframes for research degree progress and completion.

‘Engaging with lived experiences: Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research in Practice’ Conference 2016

Collaborators: David Giles, Peter Willis, Carina Henriksson, Michael Bell

Funding: The Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute (FEFRI), College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University

The Hermeneutic Phenomenology (HP) Conference brought together academics and practitioners interested in applying HP for research and scholarship within the domains of the human sciences, to engage in a 2-day event. The conference was structured around being in conversation. The theme for Day 1 was ‘The Artistry that is Hermeneutic Phenomenology’, which covered the history of HP, an overview of quality HP research projects, and how HP can transforms practice. Day 2 was a Master Class for research students using (or considering using) HP as their methodology in their research projects. Experienced HP researchers covered aspects of the HP research journey systematically by way of case studies. This event received positive feedback from participants who reported educational outcomes that came from working together to discuss the HP process during the different stages of research.

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